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Mr.Lin House and Garden Care in Perth and Ellenbrook


Mr.Lin Gardener will sparkling reputation is well earned as a result of our polished service.


Gardening Operating Hours

Our Gardening services are available from Monday to Saturday, 9am-5pm.  We can clean as a one-off job or carry out regular scheduled jobs which are can be arranged on special request. We do ask that you give us at least 1 days’ notice prior to your required date, however we’ll always do our best to gardening jobs on short notice where possible.


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Contact us online or call today on 0430 056 434 for a competitive quote or simply just to find out more about our gardening services. No matter is small or big jobs. We always can come to you and give you the free quote.

Mr.Lin gardening offers the following types of Services

Lawn Mowing

$55.00 per person per hour.

Professional lawn cut provides the best possible finish for your lawn including professional edging of entire lawn area including around trees and other garden features.

We use high quality lawn mowers and commercial grade whipper snippers that are regularly serviced and leave a great look and a professional, even cut. In addition to this we ensure all grass clippings are collected and disposed of and the lawn is left looking neat and tidy.

Through years of mowing and garden maintenance experience we can guarantee a quick and efficient lawn mowing service. Being conscious of noise reduction in residential areas, we can prioritise jobs to suit your preferred times.

Lawn Spraying and Fertilizing

Start from $35.00.

Mr.Lin Mowing are the lawn care experts. Not only are they the best mowers around, they are also able to ensure that your lawn is health and vibrant at all times. Having a beautiful lawn requires more than just mowing, to have a truly stunning green lawn you need to have it expertly cared for, which is where Mr.Lin comes in.

The team at Mr.Lin can provide first class lawn care. They can provide lawn spraying and fertilizing that will control weeds and encourage grass growth. When you have a Mr.Lin on the job you know that it will be done to the highest possible standards and that you will get the best service. Mr.Lin can spray your lawn so that it is vibrant and healthy at all times.

Mr.Lin Group is the name that you can trust when it comes to your lawn. They have been keeping Perth’s lawns in good shape for many decades and are ready willing and able to provide the full range of lawn care. From mowing through to lawn spraying,

Garden Spraying

Start from $35.00.

You want your garden to look beautiful, having a nice serene outdoor space is a calming influence on our lives and the last thing you want is pests and weeds ruining your Zen moment. That is why you need garden sparing, you need to make sure that the only things growing in your garden are the plants you want. When you want garden spraying you want a Mr.Lin on the job.

Mr.Lin Group are more than just lawn mowing experts, they are the lawn and garden care professionals. When you need your lawn and garden to look their best you need Mr.Lin. They offer expert garden spraying that will ensure that there are no unwanted weeds growing and no pests destroying your plants.

When you call a Mr.Lin you know that you are going to get the best service and the best outcome. Mr.Lin Group have been making lawns and gardens beautiful for decades now and they are the name you can trust in your backyard. For expert garden spraying call a Mr.Lin and get the job done right.

Long Grass Slashing

$55.00 per person per hour.

Cut to regulation height. Full Blocks, Fence Lines, Specified areas, Brush Cutting and Trimming of unwanted foliage.

Specialize in Vacant Blocks, Fire Breaks, Residential and Commercial Blocks.

We are registered with your Local Shires as a Recommended Company for Regulation Cuts.

Hedging, Pruning & Tree Removal

$55.00 per person per hour.

Careful and regular hedging, grass cutting service, pruning and trimming of your garden is essential to its maintenance and includes roses, plants, shrubs, fruit trees and small trees. This cutting service also includes the removal of small shrubs, grass and trees.

Hedging Trimming

$55.00 per person per hour.

A neatly cut hedge can enhance the look of any garden, with our experienced staff we will personally discuss your needs and explore every option that is available and best for you.

Whether it’s regular maintenance or just a one off cut we cater for the smallest of jobs or the large ones.

Rose Pruning

Start from $10 per rose plant.

The key to maintaining strong, healthy roses is pruning. Pruning ensures that your plant stays healthy and vigorous while producing larger flowers with strong stems. Pruning also eliminates dead, diseased and damaged canes which ensure health of the plant. When the gardener removes canes from the center of the plant, airflow is improved; this decreases the likelihood of any form of fungus or mildew buildup. to occur within the plant.

The optimal time to prune a rose is winter. If you are still unsure where or not to prune, Mr.lin will be happy to look at the bud growth on your plants to determine the right timing.

Roof, Gutterguard, and Gutter Cleaning

Start from $85.00.

Gutters need to be cleared regularly to avoid water build up and overflow that caused damage to your roof and house. Navigating your way around gutters can be dangerous and you may risk damage to the roof itself. Our staff have the equipment and training that will ensure that your gutters are cleaned quickly without leaving a mess or damaging your roof or gutters.

Mr.Lin Group can help clear and clean your gutters and install a guard to maintain and improve the presentation of your house with a minimum of fuss for much less than you think.

Green & Hard Rubbish Removal

From $10.00 per bag.

Clearing your yard of garden and general rubbish can be an arduous task and is one that many of us put off for far too long. Clearing your garden of green rubbish remains a very popular service amongst Mr.Lin Group customers.

We do all the work and then undertake a thorough clean up at the completion of the work to ensure that you regain the use of your garden and yard. We will take care of both hard and green waste and this service is an extremely cost effective solution for your clean up needs.

Commercial Customers

$55.00 per person per hour.

This service is designed for Real Estate Agents and Commercial Properties. For Real Estate Agents, as a business involved in property management, reliable and high quality garden maintenance will be important to you. A full lawn and garden care service is tailored to meet your landlords needs on a regular or once off basis.

Mr.Lin Group we are understand that customer service and presentation are key’s to succeeding in business, we would be pleased to develop a full lawn and garden care service is tailored to meet your needs:

Lawn Mowing: Professional lawn cut providing the best possible finish for your lawn including professional edging of entire lawn.

Gardening Care and Maintenance: weed control, trimming and hedging, mulching, lawn restoration and repair, and general garden clean up.

Rubbish Removal: We do all the work and includes both hard and green waste and is a cost effective solution for your clean up needs.

At Mr.Lin Group we understand your customer service needs, plus health and safety requirements and we will undertake our work to suit these needs including outside of normal business hours work.


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